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Richard HargraveSenior Vice President

Home: Putnam, Connecticut
Hometown: Bournemouth, England
Specialty: Finance
Experience: 35 years, including work as CFO of a Lloyd's insurance broker, an inbound call center company, a telecom company and an underwriting manager
Why reinsurance:

Because it is an entrepreneurial business bringing security to people and companies.


Loving wife, 2 daughters and 4 sons.

Strangest job ever:

Selling paper bags to street market traders.

What have you done that nobody would guess you'd done, just looking at you:

I was a bus conductor on a double decker bus in England.

If I were a tree:

I'd be an English oak because I am solid and dependable.

Favorite Book:

The Lord of the Rings.

Favorite Movie:

The Mayor of Casterbridge – although Michael Henchard’s self-destruction is soooo frustrating.

Top three things on your bucket list:

Visit Tuscany, re-visit France, tour Scotland.

Favorite thing to do:

Dig and weed my English vegetable garden.

First Car:

Hillman Minx.

When I retire:

I’m going to work my vegetable garden and do cordon bleu cooking.


Winston Churchill – “He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.”

Most embarrasing moment:

Driving from home to Connecticut from Virginia on I81, forgetting to turn right on the I84, and ending up on the border with Canada north of Syracuse, NY – 4 hours out of my way. My wife and I had been talking too much!


Accounting and Economics.

If I were a dog:

I'd be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because according to the American Kennel Association they are "active, graceful and well-balanced."

What's the one chore on your honey-do list that you're avoiding:

All things practical.