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Paul ValentiniSenior Vice President

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Home: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Hometown: Chisholm, Minnesota - "The Heart of the Iron Range"
Specialty: HMO Reinsurance and Portfolio Medical Excess
Experience: 26 years, including eleven with Re-Solutions, seven with Collins Associates, and eight with Allianz Life
Why reinsurance:

Started my career as an actuary and took the first job I was offered…and the rest is history.


Loving wife and three wonderful kids.

Strangest job ever:

Sifting through boxes of freeze-dried files for a bond company after a major flood in 1987.

What have you done that nobody would guess you'd done, just looking at you:

Started at point guard for my high school basketball team.

If I were a tree:

I'd be a white pine because they remind me of the cabin.

Favorite Movie:

The Godfather and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Top three things on your bucket list:

Play a round of golf at Augusta National, become fluent in Italian, and live to see the Vikings win the Super Bowl!

Favorite thing to do:

Watch my kids play sports.

First Car:

Mazda 626.

When I retire:

I’m going to play a lot of golf, relax at the cabin, and spoil as many grandkids as I’m blessed to have.


Sports – Dan Marino; Life – My Mother.


College of St. Scholastica – mathematics major; economics minor.

How does your college work apply to your work today:

Analytical strengths learned as a math major translate into one of my strengths as a broker.

Number of Facebook friends:


If I were a dog:

I'd be a Labrador Retriever puppy because everyone loves puppies.

Fondest memory growing up:

As the youngest of eight children, my fondest memories are spending the holidays with all my brothers and sisters at our family restaurant. Most people eat to live; Italians live to eat!