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Margie ErwigVice President

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Home: Port St. Lucie, Florida
Hometown: Oakland, Maryland
Specialty: Managed care reinsurance with a focus on program appropriateness and client advocacy.
Experience: 10 years with a General Agency working with various insurance companies such as Mutual Benefit, Sun Life of Canada and John Hancock and 17 years in reinsurance
Why reinsurance:

As with most people who are in reinsurance, I happened into the industry by answering a help wanted advertisement.


Married with children (Frank Sinatra singing “Love and Marriage” in the background.)

Dream Job:

Archeologist or Museum Curator

Strangest job ever:

Haven’t had a strange job, however I have been a Chambermaid.

What have you done that nobody would guess you'd done, just looking at you:

Tough Mudder Tampa

Favorite Book:

“Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follet

Favorite Movie:

Harry Potter movies (all of them). Shaun of the Dead.

Top three things on your bucket list:

Take a course at the Culinary Institute, learn to play piano, run a marathon.

Favorite thing to do:

Besides gardening, watching SciFi Channel, especially Doctor Who, Twilight Zone , Supernatural.

First Car:

Ford Escort Station Wagon. Cost me $1,000 with standard shift, complete with wood side paneling and red vinyl seats.

When I retire:

I want to travel the world and volunteer at the library.


My mother, my grandmother, Ben Franklin, Warren Buffet, Ghandi, and Austin Powers.

Most embarrasing moment:

Reciting Macbeth in front of the local American Legion and nervousness got the best of me, which made me forget my lines.