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Marcy HiltnerAssistant Vice President

Home: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minnesota (I did leave for a while!)
Specialty: Structuring reinsurance agreements so they flow accurately from partnership roles and risk pricing through to ongoing administration
Experience: 27 years of experience in analytical, marketing and operational roles at reinsurance intermediaries, markets and consultants
Why reinsurance:

I was a Math/Economics/Finance major and intuitively logical but had poor penmanship so I didn’t want to be in the Stock or CPA markets.


Three daughters and a husband (who had 8 sisters!).

Dream Job:

Being a dance and food critic.

Strangest job ever:

Working in New York City and staying in a corporate apartment overlooking the Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers within one year of graduating from a conservative mid-west liberal arts college.

What have you done that nobody would guess you'd done, just looking at you:

Can I just say Pink Panther?

Favorite Book:

Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte and The Davinci Code by Dan Brown.

Favorite Movie:

Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke, and Flashdance.

Top three things on your bucket list:

The Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow and the Marinsky/Kirov Ballet in St. Petersburg with one of my daughters either sitting beside me or on stage.

Rent a house in Tuscany or the French Burgundy region and riding a bike with a basket for the wine.

Pebble Beach… play or stay, either is fine.


Favorite thing to do:

Watching my daughters in their artistic or athletic endeavors and drinking wine in my garden.

First Car:

Valarie, an Oldsmobile cutlass supreme– thanks Dad.

When I retire:

Classical guitar, finish my unfinished paintings & get my garden to look the way I’d like it.


My daughters and Suzanne Farrell (Elusive Muse).

Most embarrasing moment:

Having to ask for directions to the same place many many times.