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Chuck NewtonSenior Vice President

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Home: Midlothian, Virginia
Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky
Specialty: Healthcare Risk Protection and Reinsurance and Provider Contracting.
Experience: 28 years with a variety of healthcare organizations including hospital marketing, access PPO provider network contracting, IPA/physician risk management, HMO contracting and marketing, and healthcare reinsurance.
Why reinsurance:

Like most, this was not on my radar when I graduated from college.  But my career progression was the perfect preparation for it, especially my experience with provider contracting.

Dream Job:

A tie between race car driver and a Coast Guard helicopter pilot.

Strangest job ever:

Working for a catering company at Thoroughbred Sales.

What have you done that nobody would guess you'd done, just looking at you:

Cheerleader in college.

Favorite Movie:

The Power of One, Operation Petticoat and Father Goose.

Top three things on your bucket list:

European river cruise, attend a Bondurant high performance driving school with my son, and to live long enough to play with my grandkid(s).

Favorite thing to do:

See live music, play and referee soccer, watch sports, a wannabe “foodie”, and relax on the beach.

First Car:

76 Chevy with T-tops.

When I retire:

I will be close to the beach, golf courses and hopefully my grandkids.


Single mothers, caretakers for elderly or sick persons, and anyone who does the right thing, even if no one is looking or will notice.

Most embarrasing moment:

Having a picture of me mooning a camera, unbeknownst to the camera’s owner, and having the picture made into a poster and displayed in the dining room at our church camp.  Yeah.