The Phia Group

True to its motto of having “A Revolutionary Passion for Savings,” The Phia Group remains one of the most innovative cost containment firms in the nation. From subrogation to plan document drafting, The Phia Group reduces your costs through the use of technology, legal expertise and customer service.

The Phia Group

  • Identifies an opportunity to recoup funds in an average of 1 out of 90 employee lives compared to an industry average of 1 out of 350 lives.
  • Recovers an average of $25 per employee life per year compared to an industry average of $5 per employee life per year.
  • Works with all types of insurers, from fully insured to self-funded and reinsurers.
  • Provides an initial assessment of your plan document free of charge.


Case Study

Upon implementation of The Phia Group’s claim recovery and subrogation services, a third-party administrator provided The Phia Group with multiple lines of claims data. The Phia Group, after filtering through the data to segregate diagnosis codes indicating potential third-party liability, identified an incident where a child was severely burnt in a house fire.

The third-party administrator notified The Phia Group that their previous subrogation services provider had decided not to investigate the matter, as homeowner’s insurance would not pay for medical services administered to the homeowner or their family. The Phia Group obtained incident reports and medical notes and investigated the matter through various avenues.

In so doing, The Phia Group discovered that the fire had resulted from a malfunctioning video-game console. The family was in the midst of a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the manufacturer of the system. The Phia Group intervened on the benefit plan’s behalf, asserted the benefit plan’s rights, and upon settlement of the underlying claim, recovered more than $700,000 for the benefit plan and its applicable stop-loss carrier.

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