eMindful Inc.’s principal focus is reducing employee health care costs and increasing productivity through live, online programs in mindfulness, stress reduction, nutrition, exercise and well-being. A recent study, for instance, found that the company’s Mindfulness at Work Program reduced stress by 36 percent, improved productivity by almost an hour per week and achieved an estimated 8:1 (800 percent) return on investment.
eMindful offers seven core curriculums:

  • Workplace Stress Reduction
  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Diabetes Control
  • Cognitive Management

Case Study

Reducing Workplace Stress

Hines & Associates, a Chicago-based provider of personalized managed-care services to employers and insurers, began exploring new offerings to differentiate its suite of utilization- review, case management, disease- management and other services. Hines selected eMindful as its wellness program partner after seeing the evidence that
mindfulness-based practices reduce stress and that stress impairs productivity at work. It was also impressed with and after witnessing eMindful’s unique online classroom. , In this virtual classroom, where employees participate in live, interactive classes from the convenience of their workplace or home.
Hines decided to pilot eMindful’s eight-week online program in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction enrollment filled the class to capacity within a day. Thirty-three employees from Illinois and Iowa participated in the program.

Participants completed assessments before and after the course. Their scores showed significant improvements in perceived stress and total mood disturbance, including subscales on tension, anger, fatigue, confusion and vigor. While the change in depression scores was not statistically significant, the scores did improve. However, sSince the depression scores were not elevated at the start of the course however, a significant improvement was not expected.
Hines hasn’t yet tracked its claims experience to determine the hard-dollar savings, but it already sees how the improvements in stress levels have changed the lives of the nurses and supervisors who attended the MBSR program.

“We were hearing from staff that if something urgent came up they needed to respond to, instead of getting excited about it, they were doing what we were taught: to stop and keep yourself calm,” says Hines Executive Vice President Lynn Breitbach, RN. “Almost everyone commented that they found that was influential.” “The nurses emerged from the course with the ability to focus and listen better, to manage stressful situations more efficiently and with less distress, and to have better work-life balance,” she continued. “Most reported improved satisfaction in all areas of their lives.”

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