Diplomat is the nation’s largest, privately owned, independent specialty pharmacy which allows Diplomat to remain dedicated to providing their high-touch service model to meet the unique needs of their patients, prescribers, and their partners.  Over the past decade, health plans and other self-insured groups have rapidly recognized that specialty pharmacy management must be a top priority.  Diplomat can help contain specialty cost trends and not compromise on access and quality.  Diplomat offers a comprehensive specialty pharmacy management approach, including management of specialty medications within the pharmacy benefit and physician office.  Ongoing education and monitoring is key, as the most expensive drug is the one going to a patient who’s not taking it, is taking it inappropriately or who’s not responding to therapy. Care coordination and clinical oversight for the patients prescribed these complicated regimens is crucial.

Diplomat’s Services

Diplomat offers specialty pharmacy programs and services to patients with serious and chronic conditions. Diplomat’s core specialty services include:

  • Fax/phone/e-prescription intake of prescriptions
  • A staff of call center representatives, care coordinators and pharmacists available to consult with patients and prescribers on disease and drug therapy related questions
  • Benefits investigation including prior authorization support
  • Patient foundation support through 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Overnight or second day shipment depending on product requirements and patient need
  • Refill reminder calls
  • Standard drug utilization review and utilization management review prior to shipment
  • REMS support
  • Adverse event and side effect management and reporting

The goal of Diplomat’s patient care programs is to provide clinical services in a caring, supportive environment, optimizing medication adherence, preventing disease progression and achieving improved outcomes. To accomplish this, Diplomat focuses solutions around medication access, tolerance, and adherence by providing patients with personalized medication programs and services.

Case Study

Diplomat can help clients achieve substantial savings through channel, utilization, formulary and waste management strategies. For example, for one client with 100,000 lives, using various growth hormone products, Diplomat recommended the removal of ISS (Idiopathic Short Stature) from the approved indication list, plus negotiated deeper discounts with the manufacturer for moving to one preferred growth hormone therapy.  Diplomat then took the lead in communication with prescribers to effectively shift utilization to the preferred drug. The average cost per prescription was more than $100 lower for the preferred growth hormone compared to competing drugs in the growth hormone category. This effort resulted in a savings of more than $40,000 within the first six-months without patient or provider disruption.