Ancillary Services Network

Ancillary Care Services is the only nationwide ancillary healthcare system serving the 120 million-life mid-market and regional member community.  As the nation’s ancillary care experts, ACS connects and serves patients, ancillary care providers and regional payors.

ACS has the nation’s largest network of ancillary healthcare providers with more than 37,000 sites covering 32 different service categories.  Ancillary benefits may account for up to 30% of a group’s total medical spend and is the fastest growing area of healthcare costs.

Benefits of Working with ACS

  • There is no fee for ACS’ service
  • ACS averages 8-15% better discounts than their clients’ existing PPOs
  • 24 hour claim turnaround
  • Strong focus on regional network development
  • ACS can customize the network for each individual client’s needs

Case Study

ACS demonstrates the value of its services by providing a free network-value analysis for its clients that matches the client’s claims experience to the ACS network, showing the claim savings that result from contracting with the ACS network. This case study was performed for a regional managed care company.


ACS worked to increase the ACS Match by adding to the ACS Network the ancillary providers that the client uses, hereby creating a client-customized ancillary care network.

ACS Dialysis Services Include:

ACS’ comprehensive suite of dialysis services provides a wide range of dialysis cost-containment options to reduce the risk of catastrophic medical expenses:

  • The DiaSource high-performance network (HPN) offers low, predictable rates and a kidney
  • disease case-management program, including member education and screening.
  • Usual and reasonable (U&R) provides imposed provider reimbursement for maximum savings.
  • Negotiated contracts for individual patients provide low, predictable rates throughout treatment.
  • The ACS national wrap network of dialysis providers offers a wider range of providers and
  • reduced pricing.


The DiaSource suite of services is suited to third-party administrators, reinsurers, insurance brokers, employer groups and healthcare providers. The financial and legal risks for payers are mitigated, and no balance billing is sent to members. Payers receive claims management and predictable rates over the course of treatment.


Please contact Re-Solutions to discuss how ACS can customize an ancillary care network for you.